Who we are

Militiamen: Peacekeepers of Prayer

The polyglot Online Prayer Book for Peace SoldiersPrayingForPeace.eu is an initiative of the Militia Association of Austria. The Militia Association is the independent and non-partisan interest group of all members of the militia and reservists of the Austrian Armed Forces. At the European and International level, we are connected with both national partner organisations as well as umbrella organisations in the realm of military representation.

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, a group of Austrian militiamen of different ranks and branches of the armed forces as well as civilian expertise quickly realised the idea of not only providing material aid to the population in the war zones, but also to stand in solidarity with them in prayer.

As militiamen and reservists of the Austrian Armed Forces, we represent the most diverse realities of life, but we are united by the urgent desire for a peaceful coexistence of all humankind as well as the commitment to a peaceful existence among the peoples and nations of the world. We see our initiative as a virtual Peace Operation and in this sense see ourselves as “Blue Helmets of folded hands”, as Peacekeepers of Prayer.

On March 25, 2022, Pope Francis I. consecrated Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We join this movement with our prayer book and launched our people-uniting peace prayer initiative on that same day.

For contact with the prayer initiative: prayer@milizverband.at

For contact with the Militia Association of Austria: info@milizverband.at