Soldiers Praying For Peace

God, as the creator of all life, has endowed mankind with a free will to distinguish between good and evil. However, since the outset of mankind, man has chosen to kill again and again, contrary to the divine order of peace. Particularly in Europe, there have been fighting and shooting, killing and dying since the very beginning of recorded time. Countless wars have ravaged our continent and two world wars have laid outright waste to it. And whatever people may say in an attempt of justification: war and killing are never the will of God, but the voluntary and wilful turning away from God’s order of creation and peace.

We, the soldiers of the regular, militia and reserve service, of all branches of the armed forces and of every rank, on land, at sea and in the air, are always, and particularly today, called upon to exercise with care and equity the responsibility conferred on us for the security of our countries and of the people living alongside us. Everything we do, of our own accord or by way of order, we must also justify to our own conscience, as to God, our creator.

We all are witnesses today. In addition to our membership in the ranks of the military, we are equally in a state of testimony. But we shall not be limited to this state. Many of our comrades are currently involved in a wide variety of relief activities and organisations. As important as support in the sense of active charity is, it is equally vital in the Christian tradition to be with those now needing our help in both our thoughts as in prayer. Nonetheless, it is not only the victims who need assistance in prayer, but also those who, through their behaviour, are causing the deplorable misery that is currently keeping the world in suspense. This notion and initiative of the Militia Association of Austria as well as all militia and reservist associations in Europe is what brought this platform into existence. Solidarity also means: We want to follow up the first deeds of active charity with solemn words and good thoughts.